Focal SIB EVO 5.1.2 Home Theater System

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Key Features:

  • Unrivaled power in its category
  • Optimal design for advanced integration
  • Integrated Dolby Atmos® technology for 3D sound effects
  • Transform your Home Cinema system without changing your loudspeakers
  • Powerful 200W Class-D amplifier
  • Exclusive streamlined port
  • Large 81/4" (21cm) speaker driver
  • Acoustic accuracy whether for Home Cinema or Hi-Fi
  • Optional Hip Evo stand


Technical Specifications:
SpeakersSIB Evo Satellites 
Type of SpeakerTwo-way compact bass-reflex loudspeaker 
Speakers5" (13cm) Polyflex woofer 3/4" (19mm) soft dome tweeter 
Frequency response (+/-3dB)70Hz to 25kHz 
Low frequençy point (-6dB)66Hz 
Sensibility (2.83V/1m)90dB 
Nominal Impedance6 Ohms 
Crossover Frequency3.5kHz 
Recommended Amplifier Power25 - 200W 
Dimensions (H x W x D)252 x 162 x 162 mm 
Weight (unit)4lbs (1.8kg) 
Speakers    SIB Evo Dolby Atmos Loudspeakers 
 Front ChannelAtmos Channel
Type Two-way bass-reflex loudspeakerFullrange sealed loudspeaker
Speakers5" (13cm) Polyflex woofer4" (10cm) full-range speaker
 3/4" (19mm) soft dome tweeter 
Frequency response 65Hz to 25KHz90Hz to 20KHz
Low frequençy point (-6dB)60Hz75Hz
Sensibility (2.83V/1m)90dB90dB
Nominal Impedance6 Ohms6 Ohms
Crossover Frequency3.5kHz 
Recommended Amplifier Power25 - 200W 
Dimensions (H x W x D)295 x 195 x 190mm 
Weight (unit)7lbs (3.25 kg) 
SubwooferCUB Evo Subwoofer 
Type Active bass-reflex subwoofer 
Speaker81/4" (21cm) Polyflex woofer 
Frequency response (+/-3dB)35Hz - 150Hz 
Cutoff frequency (-6dB)30Hz 
RCA inputRight, left LFE 
Cut-off frequency3.5kHz 
Phase adjustmentPhase inverter 0° / 180° 
Amplifier Power200W Class-D amplifier 
Power ModeOn / Autopower (0.5W) 
Dimensions (H x W x D)305 x 282 x 299mm 
Weight (unit)17.5lbs (8kg)
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